moral clarity

David Eugene Spiech dspiech at
Fri Jul 19 12:57:11 EST 2002

Recent editorial columns suggest that "corporate scandals," especially
those with ties to his administration, are eroding Bush's overall patina
of "moral clarity."*

This sense of moral clarity is generally credited with securing Bush's
overwhelming support among Republicans in the 2000 election, as well as
historically high public approval ratings following 9/11.**

How can we define "moral clarity" rhetorically, especially given Burke's
use of ambiguities?

*Ironically, the moral stance of the Bush administration with regard to
business issues has always been starkly clear; it's simply that it is
momentarily not politically acceptable.

**The discrepancy is also evident, as pointed out by an NPR commentator,
when watching a broadcast of a Bush speech about corporate responsibility
juxtaposed with a minute-by-minute stock index graph.

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