The Portmanteau Phrase

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Thank you very much, James. I have that volume and will take a look around.
I've been concentrating on ATH because of the up-coming conference and its
theme of 'comedy' and 'masks' but I know Burke has said a lot more on the

I've noticed that even in the word 'comic' or 'comedy' (if i might give a
little more away), I find traces of 'medic,' 'sodomy,' 'democ(rac)y' and my
personal favorite, 'my code.' 

Thanks again, James, for the clew.


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I won't go into your thought on this in any depth for fear 
of taking too much out of a rich play.  But you relate your 
thinking to ATH when Burke is much more explicit about the 
things you discuss in Philosophy of Literary Form.  Some of 
the joycing (Burke's word) leaps there go too far for me.  
You make more sense on these issues than Burke.  Yet, I 
believe he is saying things that will refine your analysis. 
So take a look and return to the parlor.

PS:  If you have already studied this section, forgive my 

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