The Negative does not exist in nature

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Fri Nov 9 15:46:08 EST 2001

So.... Gorgias was right?
Nothing exists!

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>1. There is no void, because all of space is occupied by some form of
>energy or matter, although it may be infinitesimal in scope.
>2. There is no substance, because the smallest particles consist of a void
>suffused by an energy field. At the quantum level, the definition of a
>particle as "something having substance" is suspect, in that its mass,
>velocity, and location are probabilistic.
>If space itself is substance (that is, if that which exists = the universe
>itself), a void exists only where space does not, that is, another universe
>or a hidden dimension.
>This is not to say that our perceptions of void and substance are invalid,
>merely that we are, as usual, imposing significance upon nature.
>All this shows is the futility of using logical positivism to discern
>ultimate truth.
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