Psychotic Entelechy Again

Stan Lindsay slindsa at
Tue Nov 6 14:07:29 EST 2001

Fair enough.  The Koran is the Symbol upon which bin
Laden bases the suicide-killing actions of his
followers as a means of reaching Paradise.  Hence,
from the beginning of our dialogue, I have noted that
I was searching through the Koran to see what was
there that could be used to induce this ultimate act
of suicide-murder.  Just because there are materials
in the Koran (the Symbol) that could be interpreted in
such a way that believing readers could see September
11th as a telos, this is not proof that this is what
Mohammed intended with his Symbol.  Hence, we must
attempt to supply recalcitrance to other potential
Islamic terrorists.  We must challenge them to
reconsider how certain they are that this behavior
will get them into Paradise.  The Koran I have
suggests just the opposite, if they are the agressors.

We must get other potential terrorists (it's too late
for the 19) to discount their certainty in their
interpretation of the Koran.  This does not mean they
must abandon their faith in Mohammed, Islam, the
Koran, or Allah--just that they need the courage to
doubt their own interpretations a little.  This would
save us from many of the effects of psychotic

Stan Lindsay
Florida State University
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--- Kumar Ramanathan <kramanathan at>
> Completely sarcastic, the last line about hiring
> psychologists. read it
> again and tell me what you think.

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