Get over it!

Joshua Gunn gunn0025 at
Mon Mar 5 11:02:36 EST 2001

David lambasted:

>I'd like to see us cease and desist using this list-serv to flog our own
>personal dead (or, at any rate, quickly dying)horses.  There seem to me to
>be far too many individual (and irrelevant) agendas being pushed, and I
>think that we want to distinguish ourselves from the silly, pop culture chat
>rooms that plague the internet.

Hey!  I resemble that remark! (we pop cultie scholars/fans only flog the 
mechanical hobby-horses in the mall, anyway!)

As a long-standing lurker on this list, I can testify most of what gets 
discussed is borne of one agenda or another (sometimes an anti-pop 
culture agenda).  Same logics here, merely different vocabularies.  

As self-professed surveyors and celebrants of the "human barnyard," we 
might even take some  pleasure in Chicken Little's game.  I, for one, 
have been amused.


U of MN, TC

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