a pebble

Leslie Bruder LBruder at elcabop.org
Tue Jun 26 12:52:58 EST 2001

I'll be okay.  You people are awesome. The next best thing to knowing
Kenneth personally.  What an avalanche he began.

By the way, CJ.  I don't look so good in a bikini.  Now a Diving
Bell...that's another matter.

I'll be listening.

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that's probably enough "abject prosopopoeia of contrition" (Badiou) Leslie.

onward Dude
 :-) ~   (sideways goateed smiley face?)  (scapegoateed?!  and can one
scapegoat oneself?

on a playful note ; Christ as God's sideways smiley face.


Steven W

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>            :~)

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