eyes cast down - and persuasion/identification

Dan Smith dls216 at psu.edu
Tue Jun 26 09:58:11 EST 2001

Michael C. McGee Wrote:

[...] This involved setting rhetoric on a new trajectory, marked by the term
>Identification.  The "old rhetoric" continued on its trajectory,
>marked by the term Persuasion.  Persuasion happens in courts of
>law and used car lots and on late night cable television.
>Persuasion is situation bound.  Identification is situation
>creating.  [...]

Maybe I'm misreading the above, but it seems to me that 
you're speaking of persuasion and identification as if the 
the former does not depend upon the latter.  Moreover, your 
use of  the term trajectory seems to suggest persuasion and 
identification somehow travel on different paths. 

It seems to me, however, that Burke's brilliance lies in showing that 
the two are distinct but mutually immanent aspects of
rhetoric, with identification having a more fundamental 
or constitutive role vis-a-vis identity re/formation (or, one 
could say, audience re/formation).

Dan Smith

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