Desynonomizing the Dem/Repub "Business Party"

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Some of what Michael McGee writes about is beginning to happen. In a 
Sonoma, California town, for example, the mayor is from the Green 
party, and Greens are the majority on the town (city?) council. (Of 
course, I think we are talking about two elected officials total.) 
The New York Times recently did a story on this.

Another strategy is what are sometimes called "fusion" candidates, in 
which the third party allies itself with progressive Democrats. I saw 
this done successfully in Madison, Wisconsin, where I used to live.

John Duffy

>One key to the plea for Green is that the new party must "rise from the
>People."  In realistic terms, I believe that this must involve thinking
>about elections differently.  Because it's so relatively easy to declare a
>candidate for the Presidency, and because the President is symbolically the
>apex of legitimate power in USAmerica, we think and write about such things
>only now, in the wake of a *Presidential* election.  This has been true of
>all the "new" parties of recent years, except, of course, the brief
>emergence of the Minnesota professional wrestler, who could not wrestle
>control of his own "new party."  The Greens, or any other successful
>challenger to the current set-up, will need to build *from the bottom up*.
>In Federal politics, that means electing one, then two, then however many
>Members of the House of Representatives.  If Oregon has such strong Green
>power and leanings, put the Green money and organizational power of the
>entire nation into electing a Green Member of the House.  That person would
>get more press attention during the two or more years of her office than any
>failed candidate for the Presidency.
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