Desynonomizing the Dem/Repub "Business Party"

Michael Calvin McGee michael at
Sun Jan 14 08:41:42 EST 2001

One key to the plea for Green is that the new party must "rise from the
People."  In realistic terms, I believe that this must involve thinking
about elections differently.  Because it's so relatively easy to declare a
candidate for the Presidency, and because the President is symbolically the
apex of legitimate power in USAmerica, we think and write about such things
only now, in the wake of a *Presidential* election.  This has been true of
all the "new" parties of recent years, except, of course, the brief
emergence of the Minnesota professional wrestler, who could not wrestle
control of his own "new party."  The Greens, or any other successful
challenger to the current set-up, will need to build *from the bottom up*.
In Federal politics, that means electing one, then two, then however many
Members of the House of Representatives.  If Oregon has such strong Green
power and leanings, put the Green money and organizational power of the
entire nation into electing a Green Member of the House.  That person would
get more press attention during the two or more years of her office than any
failed candidate for the Presidency.


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