bush (holy) family drama dramatistically

JON ROBERTS jroberts at stacmail.stac.edu
Fri Jan 12 17:42:01 EST 2001

I will not claim that I am going to be able to cast this in Burkean
terms because my  familiarity with Burke texts are those of C-S, P&C,
ATH, PLH, and RR. I don't understand  dramatism well enough to cast this
scenario confidently in these terms but here it is. I guess I'm scheming

1. The Father (GHW Bush) raises taxes and is defeated by the Demon
Clinton in the 1992 election
    with the aid of a proposed middle class tax cut. The devastating ad
that sinks The Father
    shows The Father repeating "read my lips;" mocking the words of The
Father (holy writ) who promised
    "no new taxes" and then raised taxes.

2. The Son is mortified at The Father' s defeat at and vows vengeance on
the Demon.

3. In the year 2000, The Son announces his attention to attain the
Throne and if there are any doubts
    that this is revenge, these are dispelled by an unprompted statement
early in his campaign that his candidacy
    is not undertaken for the purposes of revenge.

4. The Son's revenge is two-fold because the redemption of The Father is
two-fold; he must first retake the Throne and
    then he must not only reverse The Father's "new taxes" sin but trump
the Demon by erasing his promised tax cut with
    a promised tax cut of his own.

5.  The Son wins the Throne but fails to complete the revenge because he
loses to the Demon party in the popular election, thus
     failing in the same way that The Father did. The difference is he
is still in a position to expiate the Sin of the Father.

6. While it is politically "imprudent," The Son must get his tax cut to
minimize the pain of being humiliated by the Demon party
     as The Father was. If he does not get the cut, The Father has
suffered again at the Demon's hands because the Son's double
    failure has renewed The Father's failure.

What this explains is why Bush against all political wisdom needs to
push his cut through as fast as possible in order to save what's left of
his revenge.
The stakes are great because if he fails to great the cut, his father's
death and humiliation are doubled and mortised in granite.

In this scheme, The Son becomes the anti-type of Christ (the
anti-Christ) because He was sent to us by The Father to redeem the
Sin whereas Christ was sent to us by The Father to redeem our sins.

I don't know if anyone one will bite. But there a nice little drama

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