A Law for One Person?

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Mon Jan 8 16:38:29 EST 2001

Ed, can't say the Democratic senators surprised me.  The Democratic
establishment has become little more than the Republican party but with a
human smile (not heart or guts).  A few years back I heard Noam Chomsky
argue the thesis that the Democratic establishment today is to the right of
Richard Nixon.  Maybe he's right.  Bob

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	First, a sincere thank you to Hugh for his more than kind comments
about my 
	January 5th post.  I really appreciate your response.

	Second, as follow up to the very useful info from attorney Mark
Levine that 
	Robert posted for us, I want to reiterate my profound disappointment
at the 
	behavior of Democratic office-holders in the wake of the Florida
fiasco.  In 
	my judgment, they rank somewhere between the "gang of five"
(In)Justices and 
	rock bottom.  They perpetrated their final act of betrayal in the
	Chamber today when not one Democratic senator would stand by the 
	African-American House members who protested Congressional
validation of the 
	Florida vote.  Their cowardice or indifference--or whatever it
was--at such a 
	focal moment is the ultimate affront.  It tells the Blacks of
Florida and 
	Blacks in general: not even your supposed friends and political
allies care a 
	whit that you were systematically, or semi-systematically,
disenfranchised in 
	half a dozen different ways in the "Sunshine State."  You say you
made an 
	extra-intense effort to get to the polls this time around, the
stakes, in 
	your judgment, being so high?  Don't bother us with your whining.
We've got 
	you in our back pocket, so we're not going to sour the mood of "good
	and political sportsmanship the country might expect from us as we
	January 20.  Be glad you even have the franchise at all.  It's not
as though 
	white people in our own state were harrassed on their way to the
voting booth 
	or turned away because they were told they were felons, when they
weren't, or 
	condemned to use the most unreliable polling equipment.  In due time
	get to your case, so disappear for a while.  Be seen, perhaps, but
not heard. 
	 Frankly, you're embarrassing us.

	We needed a profile in courage from one senator today, just one.

	Didn't get it.


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