Leslie Bruder LBruder at
Tue Aug 14 09:30:53 EST 2001

Thanks for the Technology Update Canadian-Style, Jim.  Besides the Janus
image of an agent (public), agent (private) which you mention, the mask and
the gore underneath it, there is also the issue of The State and its right
to unmask the citizen for reasons of National Security, and the Citizen's
right to unmask the state and reveal fascism's infinite interest in
absolutely everything we're doing.  Of course it would be a grand waste of
funds to sift through the majority of citizen's rough drafts and garbage
thoughts, but put this technology in the hands of citizens and watch them
snoop on each other, and we would have the makings of another reality
television series: The Human Barnyard Live. It might just bump Jerry
Springer from his high chair.  After "Planet of the Apes" (snicker), I think
we're ready for the dramatization of the lives of Pythagorus or Plato or
Cicero, and innumerable other cultural icons.  Sooner or later our super
hero obsession will give way to a real interest in humankind.  The Barnyard
animals have to be tricked into wisdom: package it like candy but slip them
a Micky and cultivate them on the unconscious level.  What am I saying?
This has been going on from the very beginning.  

The fostered persona and the private hyena...the very provence of rhetoric,

Hacking into the castlekeep

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