Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 16:49:02 -0600

Leslie Bruder LBruder at
Fri Dec 22 17:49:02 EST 2000

Thanks Ed for the gentle push.  It's appreciated.  Of course more is at
stake than "our money."  I was just giving my Aegis a hard time for being
uncritical, a fault that I am probably not free of.  We cannot suspend our
judgement forever, waiting for the receipts to come in.  I try to imagine
what America would be like if our worst nightmares came true: I suppose we
just wouldn't have any say at all about the government's decisions; the
media would be 90% commercials and the rest would be Platonic/Totalitarian
social control, i.e., "Touched by an Angel"; our freedom of speech would
become a freedom to lodge a complaint once a year; our academies would be
commandeered by science-minded commercial conglomerates; perhaps some bogus
project like building a pyramid in Death Valley would be "presented" to the
"public", etc., etc..  Many of you guys have been monitoring the iron heel
with scope and transmitter since the world clash and you're doing an awesome
job of it.  I'll be on the front line if it ever gets to that point. (I
guess it is to that point--all this generalized warfare with the ubiquitous
front and the unrecognizable enemy is kind of confusing)

Maybe I'll help with the underground railroad.  Some morbid and
lonely/adventurous side of myself even longs for such a state of emergency.
Can you beat that?  But I won't wish for the end of time, nor retreat into a
pure aesthetic.  Personally I would love to see a candidate who wasn't a
military man, a business man or a lawyer; a Vaclav Havel, or perhaps a
Burkean.  I'll join the campaign today.  Seriously.  My interest in art,
admittedly, is as a short circuit to political and economic realities. I'm
going to have to rethink my stand on the vote and the monkey wrench--comedy
isn't enough.

I counted the word jungle four times in Counter-Statement (I probably missed
one or two), and he seems to suggest that beyond the social tensions which
the playwright tries to resolve for us there are the original jungle
tensions, the felids and the hyaenids chasing us homonids up into the
welcoming tree of life.  Since then we've become such great hunters that
we've begun hunting each other with the same enthusiam with which we wiped
out the sabertooth tiger (the business ethic seems to have taken nature's
efficiency to heart).  

He uses the word jungle in the preface to the first edition and describes
pamphleteering as a biologic weapon for wrestling a living from the jungles
of society.  And again, in the Program where he characterizes the practical
and efficient as a friendly fascist parade of evangelizers, christian
soldiers, sales pitchers and cheerleaders waving their flags.  I love his
line, " short, flags and all the jungle vigor that goes with flags."
Apparently he felt, and perhaps it is true, that we are still largely
primitive and tribal.  

But enough, it is the season.

Happy Holidays



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