Do Conservatives Wear Sheep's Clothing?

cj jeney at
Mon Dec 18 11:27:13 EST 2000

David Tietge commented:

>However, I was left wondering after reading it whether
>the mere inclusion of Nietzsche or Derrida in a curriculum was the same as
>engaging in a dialogue with the texts <snip>

Yes, this reminds me of the time a famous Shakespearean scholar encouraged female students to write on feminist topics, proclaiming a powerful interest in feminism. So we all trotted off to our Kristeva and Showalter, etc, to make wonderful wild deconstructive claims about Hermia, Ophelia, and in my case, Tamora.

.....Then he demonstrated in punitive grades and harsh comments that his "interest" in feminism was to have grad students supply all the best sources for his own project in refutation and derision. I guess he didn't know (or more likely didn't care -- he's a real big name) that we all used to have coffee together and with other Renaissance faculty and compared notes.

What a sobering term.

I try to remember to review Burke's discussion of "smugness" to level my own head about my role as a teacher.


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