Ed's Second "Successful" Prognostication

Edappel8@cs.com Edappel8 at cs.com
Thu Dec 14 23:54:15 EST 2000

Pursuant to what Michael said, I realize my "druthers" in respect to changing 
the proportions in the Electoral College is a mere pipedream. The necessary 
ratification by three-quarters of the states alone would make for such an 
amendment an impossible hurdle.  More than a quarter of the states in the U. 
S. of A. would lose some of their power in presidential elections.  So it  
ain't gonna happen.  Add to this insurmountable roadblock the fact that most 
of these smaller states are now reliably Republican, and we can see how 
sentiment against such a reform would have national, not just regional, 

Contra Keith, though, I still say it's a good idea--if we're serious about 
democracy.  The small states would still have their disproportionately large 
say in the U. S. Senate.  Wyoming (pop. 350,000, I believe) would still have 
as much clout there as California (pop. 34,000,000). What we would avoid via 
my proposal is an election like this one, where the "winner" achieved neither 
a majority of votes nor a plurality.  Quite undemocratic.

As for Jack's highly elliptical argument about the relationship between the 
Electoral College and milti-party vs. two-party systems, I think he needs to 
get some rest and come back later to re-explain himself.

Only one more week, right?



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