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Dear Richard,
A thorny problem.  I run a facility that services 4 institutes, + externals, 1 institute in particular seems to believe if I clean and QC the instruments enough their poor practices will give them good results!   In total I have ~200 researchers with access to the flow core (3 sorters, 7 analysers, a LSC, AutoMACS Pro & a Haematology analyser.  2 staff members in the core, & me stuck in the office or in meetings!)
I do have the advantage that my users must access the facility through a booking system.  Through the booking system I can force (by limiting access outside of BH for example) users to do at least a minimum of training.
I insist all new users attend a 2 hour Introduction to Flow Cytometry, where I discuss not just the basic theory of the flow cytometer, spend a lot of time on dye selection, antigen concentration and compensation.  I also chat about basic experiment design and analysis, using bi-exponential axis, contour plots, and trying to dissuade users from using square gates and quadrants with digital data.  This course is run monthly and well attended, some researchers come more than once (I'm not sure if that's good or bad?).
I am developing a similar course for those who wish to sort cells.  Although the sorter are always run by staff, the researchers need to know there is a difference between the capabilities of an analyser and a sorter, and some things that work on an analyser will fail on a sorter.
I can track researchers by start date, and record what training & courses they complete.  The problem is the 75% of users who are "grandfathered" into the core, assuming they have more knowledge than some of them actually do!
Happy to participate here, but will be away till mid-March, renovating & moving house.
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Hi folks:
Education in cytometry should be something we as scientists and educators should be concerned with.  That being said, New England Cytometry would like to get the ball rolling.
There are courses available [like Flocyte, ExCyte, ISAC, manufacturers courses etc.], but how do we get people more involved?
I teach a graduate course in flow and image cytometry, but that is of course a limited audience.
Let's all put our collective heads together for an educational forum that people can get involved with.  Either online or better in person.
All the best to everyone,
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