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Tue Feb 25 17:49:48 EST 2014


A previous core where I worked had an original AutoMACS. It didn't see a
lot of use so we ended up only recharging the cost of a column because we
needed a new one each time. (Do NOT try to separate if your column is

That is, charge on a per separation basis.

Alternately, since there is no computer, charge for memory card signed out
time. I've used a similar system for software dongles (except without
charging for it). User signs out memory card. If they don;t return memory
card, they get charged and induce the wrath of the next person who wants to
use it. This system makes 24-7 access difficult, though.


On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 5:32 AM, Joanne Lannigan <jl7fj at virginia.edu> wrote:

> Dear SRL managers
> We have recently acquired a Miltenyi AutoMacsPro for use in our core. I
> was wondering how others who offer this service bill for services. Do you
> bill on an hourly basis or a separation basis? The lack of a computer
> interface makes it difficult to track. The system does log time of
> separation, begin/end and date, but there is no way to export this data. I
> have heard that some people just use handwritten logs, which I am not
> really found of. There are multiple separation programs, all which take
> different amounts of time, as well as the auto labeling procedure which is
> also optional. I would appreciate any feedback from those that have crossed
> this bridge. Just a note that the Pro model is significantly different from
> the previous AutoMacs. I wish they at least had a USB to export the report
> logs.
> Thanks in advance,
> Joanne
> Joanne Lannigan
> Director, Flow Cytometry Core
> University of Virginia
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