[Cytometry] FACS DiVa 8 Bugs

Schmauss,Gerald gerald.schmauss at imp.ac.at
Wed Feb 19 11:31:33 EST 2014

Dear Flowers,

we started upgrading our sorters and analysers to operate on FACS DiVa 8 mid December last year.
Since then we had encountered a few bugs, which were unknown to us up till FACS DiVa 7. We documented and relayed them to BD, but also decided to share what we have found on the list.
This is not only intended as a heads up and but also as a request to all other FACS DiVa 8 users to please help in describing the errors to BD. The more information we can give them, the sooner the bugs will get fixed. Which is in the interest of everyone involved.

The worst bug encountered is simply described as the machines not sorting the content of the sort-gate, but sorting something else.
We noticed the issue when telling the machine to sort for a small population representing less than 1 % of the total events. The machine sorted far more events (lots more than "yield" settings would generate) than it could have possibly found. A reanalysis of the collection tube content showed it to resemble the unsorted sample.
This happened on two of our sorters running FACS DiVa 8, in the hands of different operators, for different experiment types.
Nothing short of a restart of sorter and workstation could get rid of it.

Other bugs we encountered are:

The command prompt disappearing. Making direct entry of parameter values, naming tubes, setting labels, etc. impossible.

Existing experiments cause a database error and subsequent crash on attempting to open them.

Parts of a gating hierarchy disappearing.

The drop delay experiment showing an incorrect 0 % beads deflected/sorted for a few seconds even though it is visible on camera and in the square.

As mentioned before, all of these incidents were reported to BD.
Apart from the database error, we can't intentionally reproduce the bugs. This may make it difficult for BD to locate and fix them.
Any additional report by the community would be helpful.

Best regards,

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