[Cytometry] CD14 positive cell line

Nandita Hazra drnhazra at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 07:26:10 EST 2014

Dear Ravi,

The cell line that could be used as a positive control for  CD14 is mouse
macrophage-like cell line J774 as well as RAW 264.7 cells
link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10865171. Also J774 has been used
as a positive control for CD14 immunofluorescence in
http://www.jleukbio.org/content/70/6/977.full.pdf as also XS52, link:
Mouse macrophage cell line( MMA-bm) available from Science cell research
laboratories Catalog #M1920 would also be CD14 positive.

CD14 gene expression may be induced in human U937 and HL-60 cell lines by
different factors including 1,25-D3, DMSO and LPS if those cell lines are
easily accessible to you. link:

Also, just thinking aloud.
If the % positivity in the positive control is not a concern, you could use
PBMCs separated using Histapaque 1077  and stained with  CD14 antibody as
positive control.
Other solutions I can think of may be a little far fetched and expensive
but need to be mentioned here, if you needed human cells,  you could use a
sorter  to separate CD14+ monocytes or Miltenyi Biotech magnetic beads
using MACSxpress/ MACS Microbeads/MACS whole blood to sort CD14 positive
monocytes and use them for a control.

Best wishes,

PhD Research Scholar
Dept of Neurovirology
Bengaluru 560029

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