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Before you change your Lyse solution I recommend to you to check your protocol, for me the key for successfully Lyse red blood cells is the vortex, so after you stain and incubate your sample, and immediately you add your Lyse solution you should apply a gently vortex, then after 10 or 15 minutes (depends on your product) you will see that your sample becomes clear, then you should add PBS and wait 10 minutes before you acquire your sample.

For example I use 100 ul of blood after the incubation I add 500 ul of OptyLyse C then vortex and incubate  for 10 minutes, then I add 1 ml of PBS.

I used different flow cytometers and I can said that not all Lyse solutions works well in each instrument. So If you are using a BD Cytometer or a Cyan you can use the BD Lyse solution, Optylise B from Beckman or  Uti Lyse from Dako

If you are using a Beckman coulter Cytometer, you can use OptyLyse C

Also is important to check if your Lyse solution have a fixative solution, that is important if your are not acquire your samples immediately but is not recommended if you want to evaluate viability in that case is better that you use ammonium chloride (NH4Cl)


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> Dear all,
> I would like to know whether someone can suggest how to perform immunofluorescence staining on whole blood (CD3, CD56, CD16, CD19, CD14). I've tried to lyse red cells with BD FACS lysis solution but it seems it doesn't work very well. Can anyone suggest a protocol to efficiently lyse red cells?
> Thanks a lot,
> Barbara
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