[Cytometry] Replacement computer for FACScalibur?

D. Robert Sutherland rob.sutherland at utoronto.ca
Tue Feb 18 15:23:32 EST 2014

Hi Martin,
what was the model of Mac CPU that just died?
All PCI Macs from the PowerMac 7200/7300/7500/7600, G3 Macs, G4 Macs (and even up to the lowest version of the G5 Macs) used the same PCI-based BD I/O card. All you do is take the card out of the 'dead Mac' and put it into the replacement Mac. This is very easy to do. 
The current replacement from BD will be a Intel-based MacPro that uses a different type of I/O card, requires Cellquest Pro 6.x and a new license/dongle and will likely cost about $20,000.00. 
Your best option, assuming you have a suitable working I/O card (and this is not the reason your old CPU has 'died'), is to get hold of a second hand G4 Mac. Get the fastest one you can, and get one with a 133 Mhz bus speed if possible, as they can take up to 1.5 Gig of RAM (call if you need specific advice re G4 models). 
Load the 'new' G4 up with 1.5Gig of RAM (3 x 512, about $20 per chip at Other World Computing), install OSX Tiger (10.4.11). With respect ot Mac OSX, Tiger is as far as you can go with a G4. Call me if you need a copy of the Tiger Install disc.
Get a copy of CQPro5.2.1 (FACStation 5.2.1 - call me if you need one) and a dongle appropriate for version 5.x.  I have already given all of mine away for similar projects. Ask members here if they have an old CQPro 5 dongle lying around that they would donate to a worthy cause.
If the I/O card in the old Mac is the cause of its failure, there may be folks on here that have one lying around who would give one to you, then proceed as above. 

D. Robert Sutherland
Toronto General Hospital/University Health Network

On 2014-02-11, at 4:49 PM, Martin, Colin H. wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I work at a university where our cytometer, a FACScalibur 4-color model, is used primarily by undergraduates in laboratory classes. After years of faithful service, the computer that runs our Calibur finally died. It had been running OS 9. The prices that we have found for buying a new computer to run the cytometer seem really high ($6,000-8,000) especially since the university has many old, perfectly functional computers capable of running OS 9 or OS X lying around.
> Has anyone had experience with replacing a computer for an older model cytometer? Any good resources you can recommend, other than just shelling out the $$$?
> Thanks!
> Colin Martin
> University of St. Thomas Biology
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