[Cytometry] archiving data in a flow core?

Joanne Lannigan jl7fj at virginia.edu
Sat Feb 15 13:31:45 EST 2014

Hi Ruth:
We have a web based intranet server that automatically maps people to their folder when they log on to the instruments so they don't save to the local computers. We regularly wipe the local computers without notice, so users know if they don't want to lose their data they better save to the server. We put the onus on them since we provide the resource, which means if they don't export their data in DiVA it's their loss. The server is still considered a temporary storage location, even though it is backup regularly. They are instructed to always backup their data to another location as we do not take responsibility for lost data, the server is merely a convenience and nothing else. Annually we notify users to remove their data minus the most current month as we wipe the server (minus the most current month) annually. We also periodically review the data storage to see who the hogs are and ask them to remove some of their data if they  exceed more than 10% of the total storage space or are using the server to store other than flow data (yes, you would be surprised what we find stored there). This has worked well for us for many years, but considering technology we are thinking about moving to a cloud based solution, possibly a site license for Cytobank. Hardware becomes obsolete quickly and there are the hardware failure issues one has to be concerned about, not to imply that there would never be cloud based failures, but the likelihood would hopefully be lower. This is a great topic to be considered for ISAC's SRLs Best Practices initiative. If you are going to CYTO 2014 consider attending the Best Practices Workshop on Sunday May 18th, 2:00-3:15p, moderated by Matt Cochran and Adrian Smith (plug, plug).

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On Feb 14, 2014, at 2:17 PM, Ruth Nissly wrote:

> Dear flow-ers, 
> If you are in a flow cytometry core facility, I have a question: What are the policies held by your core regarding data storage & archiving? Specifically: 
> -How long are users allowed to leave data on the acquisition computer? 
> -How are data files older than this time-period removed from the acquisition computer? 
> -Are old files stored as backups by the core? If so, for how long are the backups stored? 
> We're getting to the point where it's taking a lot of time and money to archive data that very few people actually ever request, so your advice/experience would be helpful in deciding how to move forward. For reference, we have files collected using CXP, Diva, Spigot, and Summit -- and we will soon also be getting imaging flow cytometry files. 
> Thank you, 
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