[Cytometry] archiving data in a flow core?

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I back up everything on a quarterly basis unless usage requires a more frequent back-up and then wipe the drives on the cytometer computers.  I export both the FCS files and EXP files  (DiVa) and burn them to disc in duplicate.  I use Taiyo Yuden discs for the archive.  This is time consuming.  Having said that when I train new users on the cytometers I stress that their data is their responsibility and that they need to export a copy of their FCS files on the day that they do their experiment.  If they do this they essentially have three copies of their data, the original in DiVa, the exported files that still reside on the cytometer computer in the BDExport file and the one they should be taking with them.  I do the archive simply as an extra service to my users.  I would say over the past year that I've had 4 or 5 requests for data from the archive.  The vulnerable period is that period between back-ups because unless the user takes a copy with them the only copies that exist are on the cytometer computer and if it goes so does the data.  Believe it or not I've had a couple of blue screens of death over the years and that one grad student that hadn't exported their data.  All I can say at that point is "Sorry you've lost your data".


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Dear flow-ers, 

If you are in a flow cytometry core facility, I have a question: What are the policies held by your core regarding data storage & archiving? Specifically: 

-How long are users allowed to leave data on the acquisition computer? 
-How are data files older than this time-period removed from the acquisition computer? 
-Are old files stored as backups by the core? If so, for how long are the backups stored? 

We're getting to the point where it's taking a lot of time and money to archive data that very few people actually ever request, so your advice/experience would be helpful in deciding how to move forward. For reference, we have files collected using CXP, Diva, Spigot, and Summit -- and we will soon also be getting imaging flow cytometry files. 

Thank you, 

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