[Cytometry] archiving data in a flow core?

Ruth Nissly rah38 at psu.edu
Fri Feb 14 14:17:01 EST 2014

Dear flow-ers, 

If you are in a flow cytometry core facility, I have a question: What are the policies held by your core regarding data storage & archiving? Specifically: 

-How long are users allowed to leave data on the acquisition computer? 
-How are data files older than this time-period removed from the acquisition computer? 
-Are old files stored as backups by the core? If so, for how long are the backups stored? 

We're getting to the point where it's taking a lot of time and money to archive data that very few people actually ever request, so your advice/experience would be helpful in deciding how to move forward. For reference, we have files collected using CXP, Diva, Spigot, and Summit -- and we will soon also be getting imaging flow cytometry files. 

Thank you, 

Ruth Nissly 

research technologist 
Microscopy & Cytometry Facility 
The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences 
Pennsylvania State University 

W-124A Millennium Science Complex 
University Park, PA 16802 

rah38 at psu.edu 

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