[Cytometry] multiple negatives for comp in Diva?

Will Schott Will.Schott at jax.org
Tue Feb 11 09:47:28 EST 2014

You can also delete the P2 histogram gate and make a new P2 or P2 and P3
on a dot plot instead as long as the P2 and P3 are subsets of the P1
scatter gate. I have had to do this a few times when users gave me samples
that had more than one stain in them (like PI and GFP).

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On 2/6/14 12:40 PM, "Cris Bare" <flowmail at verizon.net> wrote:

>It's easier than you think.
>In DiVa on the comp controls worksheet in the fluorochrome specific
>histogram where you adjust gate P2 to select the positive population, you
>can draw a P3 gate on the negative population and DiVa will use P3
>preferentially for calculation.
>That's a word sentence.
>1. Include negatives in each comp control tube.
>2. Add a P3 gate on the negatives in the same histogram as P2 positives.
>3. Calculate. 
>This is why DiVa has the checkbox when you create your comp tubes to
>include or not include a universal negative.
>On Feb 6, 2014, at 8:40 AM, Carol Norris <carol.norris at uconn.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Flow Gurus,
>> We have lots of folks combining GFP-expressing cells with antibody
>>labeling, and I¹d like to get more of them using comp beads for the
>>antibody controls. There doesn¹t seem to be a way to use GFP-negative
>>cells for the GFP comp control and unstained beads for the antibody comp
>>controls in Diva.  Are unlabeled cells OK to use as a universal
>>negative?  The other option would be to transfer the data to FlowJo to
>>get a comp matrix, and then transfer the comp values back into Diva.
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