[Cytometry] Longevity of T cell activation markers HLA-DR and Ki-67

Prussin, Calman (NIH/NIAID) [E] CPRUSSIN at niaid.nih.gov
Tue Feb 11 10:41:12 EST 2014


We have identified a subpopulation of CD4 T cells in our eosinophilic GI disease patients that appear to be activated in vivo, in that they express increased HLA-DR, and Ki-67.  We'd like to culture the PBMC under "resting" conditions (no added cytokines) to see if these activation markers are down regulated. We can keep PBMC alive in vitro for 7 days under these conditions.

Question: Does anyone know how long HLA-DR and Ki-67 stay up once the activation stimulus is removed?


Calman Prussin, M.D.
Laboratory of Allergic Diseases
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/ NIH
calman at nih.gov

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