[Cytometry] multiple negatives for comp in Diva?

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You don't mention what your acquisition software is, but FACSDiva allows you to have tube specific negative control. All you have to do is add a gate for negative population (I use the auto-interval gate). If a tube has both a positive and a negative gate, then the software uses that negative, if it doesn't have a negative gate, it uses the universal negative from unstained tube. So, at least on Diva you won't have that problem. Other acquisition software could work differently though. Hope that helps.

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Hi Flow Gurus,

We have lots of folks combining GFP-expressing cells with antibody labeling, and I'd like to get more of them using comp beads for the antibody controls. There doesn't seem to be a way to use GFP-negative cells for the GFP comp control and unstained beads for the antibody comp controls in Diva.  Are unlabeled cells OK to use as a universal negative?  The other option would be to transfer the data to FlowJo to get a comp matrix, and then transfer the comp values back into Diva.


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