[Cytometry] BC Navios or BD FACSCanto II ?

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Considering that you asked this before in 2012

> We are thinking of buying a 3 laser(405 nm, 488nm, 635nm)/8 color instrument for immunophenotyping of hematooncological samples.
> Could share your experience about the following machines?
> BD FACSCanto II or FACSVerse
> BC Navios
> Partec CyFlow Space
> Thanks and best regards,
> Pal Jakso, PhD
> biologist

I would be interested what different answers you will get this time :-) 

To be politically correct, apart from Miltenyi you should consider a couple of other manufacturers as well, such as Sony, Bio-Rad, Apogee, Stratedigm and Millipore that you missed last time as well. However you might tell us about the IVD certification requirements as there are several companies selling IVD certified reagents and panels and control material, and some manufacturers actually mention the IVD certification of their instruments, but perhaps you can provide us some info of what the IVD/CE requirements are and how much of it lies in the procedures, the software and the hardware.



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hi all,

I realize that my answer is going to deviate from what Pal asked,

but, why not consider the Miltenyi MacsQuant ?  the stability of the instrument and ease of use would be great for your purpose.  

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Dear Flowers,

We plan to buy a 3 laser/8 color  IVD certified flow cytometer mainly for clinical immunophenotyping of leukemias/lymphomas.
We may introduce the EuroFlow panels on the new machine.
I would like to ask your opinion about these instruments.
Any advice is appreciated.


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