[Cytometry] Fwd: BC Navios or BD FACSCanto II ?

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Tue Feb 4 02:46:08 EST 2014

Hi Pal
Sorry for answering olnly now, I was on the move.
Yes, the UV light is well preserved in the Navios where lasers do not go
through optical fiber but through air towards optical filters. The travel
distance is also kept very short by the special configuration of the
optical bench. There is no power loss.
Photoprotection is provided by solic carousels where the sample is largely
shielded from light and a very dark housing with a small door allowing if
needed to change a tube without opening the whole thing. As you know some
of the newest fluorochromes are very much light sensitive ans I believe
that this helps.
Finally, yes, the whole part of lasers, optics AND flow cell are kept at a
stable temperature by the built-in air conditioning of the instrument which
makes settings very stable even in very hot surroundings.
I hope this helps

2014-02-01 Jáksó Pál <jakso.pal at pte.hu>:

Dear Marie,
> Thanks for the informations. I'll check the publications.
> I have questions:
> How the UV light is preserved? Do you mean that the Navios is better
> detetecting parameters from violet laser?
> What do you mean on the excellent photoprotection? The Canto is also
> equiped with a dark housing for the carousel.
> Am I wrong that in the Navios only the lasers and the excitation optics
> are "air conditioned" but the flow cell not ?
> Best regards,
> Pal
> 2014.01.31. dátummal, 16:17 időpontban marie c bene <mariecbene at gmail.com>
> írta:
> > Hi Pal
> > Both Canto II and Navios are good instruments and you might be interested
> > in a paper our French group published recently about harmonization
> between
> > them (Solly F et al. Cytometry part A)
> > Navios differs by a better discrimination of fluorescence at low
> > intensities linked to the higher number of bits (easily demonstrated by
> the
> > broad  CVs of dim beads or cells in the first two decades on a Canto), by
> > providing 12 parameters (10 FL), being equipped with a carousel with
> single
> > tube vortexing before acquisition (important for large batches or long
> > acquisition times i.e. single platform absolute counts or minimal
> residual
> > disease , see Lambert C Cyometry part B, 2005), excellent photoprotection
> > for fragile fluorochromes, very stable thermostated flow cell and
> lasers),
> > and finally no light loss with UV.
> > Hope this will help you.
> >
> > MC Béné
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