[Cytometry] CD10 clone "issue" : clincal flow question.

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A CD5+/CD10+ lymphoma is a rarity. In my 15+ years, I've only seen it once and that was in a patient with an ordinary Large B-cell Lymphoma who subsequently relapsed (or developed a second malignancy) with leukaemic involvement of the CD5+/CD10+ B-cells. Unfortunately the relapsed disease was resistant to treatment. 

Considering that the CD10+ positivity was seen in the PC5 fluorochrome and not with FITC, I would first check the reactivity with a new lot of CD10 PC5. Similarly, I would also check to see if the background neutrophils stain positively (albeit dimly) with the CD10 FITC.

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I had an interesting case this week.  It was a tissue that was CD5, CD10 positive (B cell Lymphoma). I went back and reset the CD10 tubes and got the same result. In my panel I have two CD10 clones, which are also different fluorochromes. The CD10 in FITC (ALB 2 clone) was CD10 negative, and the CD10 PC5 (ALB 1 clone) was CD10 positive.

The clinician involved in this case has ordered immunostains to verify which is "correct" .Clinically this case goes with a CD5 positive immunophentype.  It was also requested that I stop using whichever clone is the "incorrect" clone, confirmed my immunostains.

I'm not a fan of this idea.  

I've done a good deal of reading on this topic, and it looks like there are cases where the lymphomas can be positive for both.

Any feedback on this situation would be appreciated.


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