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Hi Eric,

For nocodazole treatment usually we use 75ng/ml overnight with great G2M block. Of course depending to the cell lines and G2 checkpoint status you could have very different amount of M cells. For a quantification of M cells I suggest you to perform a phospho-H3 (ser 10, 28) staining. In my experience high amount of M cells after nocodazole block were reached with HT-29 colon ca cells.

Paolo Cappella

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Hi Eric,

Have you tried syncing the cells in G2/M to see if it's a labelling issue or simply the cells are just super proliferative? Or maybe knock off loose cells, most of which should be G2? You can incubate cells in low concentrations of nocodazole and that arrests them in G2/M. I can't recall what concentration off the top of my head but it's in the ng/ml range overnight.


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Hi all,

I have a user which tried to stain his cell line (HeLa cells) which expresses GFP with the DyeCycle violet stain and cannot achieve to get a decent cell cycle profile. He tried different concentrations, higher and lower than the one which is suggested by the company (5uM). He just cannot resolve S and G2M from the first peak.
Is there anyone who used that dye before on that cell type?
Any input is welcome!

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