[Cytometry] Sorting biohazardous samples (yes that one again!)

Rosemary Clarke r.z.clarke at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Apr 24 04:22:42 EDT 2014

Dear All,

I am hoping to gather some information regarding sorting of potentially biohazardous material. I would be interested to hear from people within the UK in particular, though the opinions of people elsewhere are also welcome. Do you currently sort samples designated as Class 2 on your sorter with NO biocontainment? In particular, does this include samples of unscreened human blood? Is your sorter a jet in air system or closed cuvette? I am interested in hearing from people who do do this type of sort, as well as those that would not.

Obviously any information would be treated in the strictest confidence if you would like to email me directly rather than to the list. I should also point out that I am fully aware of all the current guidelines regarding biosafety, but I am also aware that the 'pressure to perform' may outweigh safety concerns!

Thanks in advance

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