[Cytometry] LN2 supply for cell sorter

Nicolas Dauguet Nicolas.Dauguet at uclouvain.be
Tue Sep 3 05:16:35 EDT 2013

Dear Flowers,

I would like to use an alternate air supply to cut down on my Aria III's 
compressor noise. As the in-house compressed air of the institute does 
not deliver enough pressure and is also far from being dry and clean, I 
would prefer to use pressurised liquid nitrogen tank. I saw in previous 
posts that some of you use LN2 tank and it seems reliable.

Can anyone give me an estimate of the consumption of LN2 for an ARIA III 
that is used around 20 hours per week ?

Is there any cons to use pressurised air instead of pressurise LN2 ?

many thanks  in advance !

best regards

Nicolas Dauguet, PhD
Head of the Flow cytometry facility
de Duve Institute & Brussels Branch of the Ludwig Institute
Avenue Hippocrate 74,
1200 Brussels
Email: nicolas.dauguet at uclouvain.be
Ph: +32(0)2.764.75.51

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