[Cytometry] World Malaria Day 2013 : Mobilizing the Cytometry Community

Howard Shapiro hms at shapirolab.com
Thu Apr 25 21:16:23 EDT 2013

Although the past few years have seen an increasing number of publications on applications of cytometry to malaria, the total number still represents a small fraction of the cytometry literature. Recognizing that most people who run cytometry resources are unfamiliar with cytometry and most malaria clinicians and researchers are unfamiliar with malaria, some of us organized a first-of-its kind Workshop on Malaria Cytometry at the CYTO 2012 Meeting last June.

An Overview of malaria cytometry has emerged from that well-attended Workshop and will soon appear in Current Protocols in Cytometry; Wiley will provide Open Access to that publication and to specific malaria-related Protocols as they appear.

A second Workshop will be held at CYTO 2013 in San Diego, from 3:45 PM to 5:15 PM Monday, May 20, in Room 30AB. We look forward to seeing even more people there this year. Let us know if you will have a malaria-related presentation at CYTO 2013, and/or if there are particular topics you would like to discuss or see discussed.

This year’s World Malaria Day sees more interest in cytometry within the malaria community and more interest in malaria among the manufacturers of cytometric apparatus than there has ever been in the past, enough so that there is now a good chance that our technology will play a significant role in the control of the disease.

Malaria is primarily a problem in resource-poor areas, but resources available for malaria cytometry are somewhat limited even in more affluent countries. The first step toward making the most efficient use of those resources is finding out what and where they are and who is working with them.  Posting to the Mailing List is a good way to get questions answered, but can also be a good way to make people aware of new publications, available resources, relevant meetings, etc.  It has been suggested that ISAC form a special interest group on malaria, perhaps your comments on this could start the ball rolling.

Let’s hope we can start to make a difference before World Malaria Day 2014!

- Howard Shapiro <hms at shapirolab.com>

- Grace Chojnowski <Grace.Chojnowski at qimr.edu.au>

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