[Cytometry] Clinical Cytometry Statistics: clarifiication

Volkov, Leonid Leonid.Volkov at USherbrooke.ca
Tue Apr 23 12:40:34 EDT 2013

Sorry, according to the received feedback, my first message was not sufficiently clear.

So, this is one, clarified.

I have to prepare a presentation on the cytometry.
I need to explain the phenomena of spectral overlap.
After, I explain the notion of compensation for two colors.
I follow with an explanation of difficulties of the compensation in the case of multiples colors.
And I would like to follow with the slide providing the confirmation of the real existence of these difficulties in the clinical practice. In two words, the message of this slide must be: the multi-colors cytometry is not an abstraction or R&D restricted phenomena, but the every day’s hassle in the clinical lab of each hospital.

And, as an illustration of this message, I will present some statistics (unofficial and not really calculated, but just an approximation which was provided by a manager of the clinical Flow Lab caught in the hallway)
In this particular lab, during a year
20% of tests (patients) orders request up to 10 parameters (I mean by parameters colours of fluorescence, not FSC and SSC) (CD4; CD8 etc etc etc up to 10)
75% - up to 26 parameters
5% - up to 32 and more

Of course, I will explain that 32 colors at one shot is not actually possible with existing cytometers ...

I wonder if someone could provide me with the same kind of rough statistic for your clinical labs?

Thank you in advance.

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