[Cytometry] Custom BV510 filter for Gallios

Chris Carpenter thecarpe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 09:39:47 EDT 2013

If you have any specific applications questions about the Gallios/Navios,
I'll be happy to help find answers.  I work for Beckman Coulter in the Life
Sciences division.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Kelly Lundsten <klundsten at biolegend.com>wrote:

> Hi Suzanne!
> How are you?  You have a 550/40 or so right now for Krome Orange in that
> position?  The BV510 will still be really strong with that filter but you
> are right, the peak is at 520-ish to be ideal.  Since you don't have a
> trigon on the Gallios, it's just a position for BV421 and BV510 (right?),
> you can use a 520/40nm filter to get the most out of the BV510.  We just
> released another 5 BV510 conjugates just today, so that list will grow fast
> and will also be conjugated to the harder to detect markers like CD197 and
> CD117, etc. If you were detecting the BV510 on a trigon/octagon so that the
> BV510 was wedged between BV421 and BV570, then you might not want a big
> 40nm bandpass since the BV570 spillover would be annoying.
> Our experience in testing the filters for all of the Brilliant Violets was
> an interesting one.  Half that were sent were promiscuous to the laser
> light and didn't pass CST.  In my experience, trial and error is the only
> way to sort out good filters from inadequate.
> Sincerely,
> Kelly
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> Hellos,
> I'm working to get a filter set optimized for Biolegends' BV510. Does
> anyone have any special experiences doing this? I've done this before on an
> LSRII for the various PE tandems, so no big deal to work with Chroma - I
> just wanted to hear if anyone else has done this for the Gallios/Navios.
> thank-you,
> PS. This is a shout-out to Ed Podniesinski: Your ICCS newsletter
> contribution on optical filters is awesome!
> http://www.cytometry.org/public/newsletters/eICCS-4-1/article3.php
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