[Cytometry] Forward Scatter Issues with BD CantoII

Bryant Hanks bhanks at usouthal.edu
Tue Apr 16 15:54:10 EDT 2013

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry.

I focused mostly on the fluidic pathway and was reminded to check the optical pathway for cleanliness also.

Per BD FSE Craig Hayes, I carefully cleaned the prisms and lenses with ETOH and lens paper.  With a lint free Q-tip and hemostats,  I also gently wiped the sides of the flowcell itself.  This yielded a huge improvement in the 1.00 um bead FSC-A histogram.

Another suggestion to decrease the Window Extension, (under the Laser tab), from 7 to 2 was very helpful.

Again, thanks to all who contribute to this website and make it such a treasure of information.


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