[Cytometry] LPS treatment of PBMC

Wiener, Doris dwiener at health.usf.edu
Thu Apr 11 09:22:28 EDT 2013

Hi All,
We are treating ficoll isolated PBMC for 24 hours with 100ng/ml LPS and have noticed the percentage of monocytes in the recovered cells (we detach any attached monocytes with TryplE) is reduced by 50% or more. We saw  a similar loss with 10ng/ml LPS. Treatment of parallel cells with PGN does not produce this effect. Cells are grown in RMPI-1640+glutamine+10% low endotoxin FBS+pen/strep.  LPS is from Sigma Aldrich 055:B5 (cat#:L6529). Is this seen by others or do we have a problem? Thanks for your advice as always.

Doris Wiener
University of South Florida
Neuropsychiatry Research Lab
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