[Cytometry] Badger T cell markers!

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Hi Phil,

I am attaching a list of mAbs that react with mink and ferret WBC and a copy of the Animal Homologue section of the 8th human CD workshop.  Mink were used to screen submitted mAbs for cross reactivity.  mAbs working with mink might work.    The OKT8 might react with badger CD8.  I have the cell line developed by Aasted that recognizes CD3 in mink and ferrets.  It might react with badger also.  


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Dear all,


I have a customer wishing to develop some flow panels to investigate Badger (Mustelid) T cells. Does anyone know of any X-reactive antibodies (& sources) which may stain any Badger T cell markers? It doesn't seem from previous experience that anti-canine Mabs work. I have a distant memory of someone suggesting anti-mink might X-react?






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