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Mara Rocchi Mara.Rocchi at moredun.ac.uk
Tue Apr 9 09:55:00 EDT 2013

Dear all,
A scientist here would like to use the flow cytometer to do a quick WBC differential on rabbit blood.
I thought about a NH4Cl lysis, maybe one wash and then FSC/SSC, however I am unfamiliar with rabbit flow and don’t seem able to find many publications where I can see a FSC/SSC plot for reference.
Could you please send me some information if you normally flow bunnies? I have only found a reference so far (Davis and Hamilton, J. Vet. Sci (2008), 9(1), 51-66).

Many thanks

P.S. we will also do regular blood smears-just in case-but the number of rabbit on trial is high so something quicker would be better….

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Bush Loan, Penicuik
Scotland, UK
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