[Cytometry] Your flow experiences with Cy3

Ian Dimmick ian.dimmick at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri Apr 5 13:17:11 EDT 2013

I have a 532 laser and we find it absolutely fine on our LSR II , have
used it routinely for CD19 staining and as a general phenotypic marker. We
have purchased purified antibody and conjugated Cy3 onto it using the
"lightning link" kits from Innova , this is also working well for us .


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On 05/04/2013 17:32, "Marjan Gharagozloo" <marjangh at gmail.com> wrote:

>Dear all,
>There are many controversies in using Cy3 in flow cytometry. Based on
>its excitation/ emission spectra, it wouldn't work very well (It has
><30% excitation at 488nm and
>virtually none at 561nm).
>I'd like to know how it is working in a real experiment.  Please share
>with me your experiences with Cy3 in a real flowcytomety world!
>Best regards:
>Marjan Gharagozloo (PhD)
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>University of Waterloo
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