[Cytometry] Reminder: Educational Opportunities in and around CYTO 2013 San Diego, May 2013

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Dear Colleagues,

The ISAC Education Committee is pleased to announce a number of
educational offerings at the CYTO 2013 Congress in San Diego.

*CYTO 2013 PreCongress Courses and Tutorials*:
You can attend the PreCongress courses without attending the CYTO 2013
Congress. For more information and registration for the courses and
tutorials, please visit

*Basic Flow and Image Cytometry* May 18, 2013: half day lecture only
aimed at beginners to flow or image cytometry
Topics covered:

Flow Cytometry Course:
Basics of Flow Cytometry: Joanne Lannigan, U. of Virginia
Fluorescence and Fluorochromes: Alan Waggoner, Carnegie Mellon U.
Phenotype Analysis: Paresh Jain, BD Biosciences
Cell Cycle and Proliferation: Vincent Shankey

Image Cytometry Course:
The Essentials of Optics and Fluorescence Microscopy for Cell
Biology Applications: Stephen Lockett, NCI
Digital Imaging Systems - from Photons to Images: Bartek Rajwa,
Purdue U.
Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis for Cytometry:
Gustavo Rohde, Carnegie Mellon U.

*Advanced Data Analysis Course*: May 18, 2013. 1 day lecture course
aimed at intermediate cytometrists organized by Pratip Chattopadhyay,
NIH. Some of the topics included are: Experimental Design and Data
Acquisition, Troubleshooting based on Staining Patterns and Data
Analysis in the Cloud.

*CYTO 2013 Scientific Tutorials*:**The Scientific Tutorials  are a
series of 90 minute lectures given by experts in the field. Some of this
year's topics are: Measures of Cell Death, Quantitative FRET, Core
Facility Operation and Management and Rare Cell Analysis.

*First San Diego Workshop*, 15-17th May 2013. A 3 day lecture and wet
lab workshop on flow cytometry basics and applications will be held at
Scripps Institute in La Jolla just prior to CYTO. This workshop targeted
to beginners is organized by Dr. Awtar Krishan and Al Saluk of the ISAC
Education Committee. Flow cytometry basics and applications will be
taught by senior ISAC members. For more information and registration,
please visit http://facs.scripps.edu/SDWorkshop.htm

We encourage you to share this information with you colleagues. We look
forward to seeing you in San Diego. If you have any questions, please
contact Kristin McGill, ISAC Education Director at
kmcgill at learningstudio.biz <mailto:kmcgill at learningstudio.biz>

Zosia Maciorowski, ISAC Education Committee Chair
John Nolan, ISAC President

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