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Agreed. This is our experience with calcium mobilization studies in flow, where it's best to use non-azide containing antibodies for real-time activation studies. Otherwise we have never seen a cell growth issue after sorting that we attributed to the use of azide-containing antibodies. Having azide in your wash buffer is a different story, but I don't think people do that too much anymore.

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Folks -

I am wondering if perhaps the researcher is over-extrapolating from experiments wherein antibody is added directly to cells in culture (i.e., crosslinking of lymphocyte antigen receptors and co-stimulation receptors).  BD certainly sells azide-free antibodies for this latter purpose, and it may be that the azide could have an effect in that setting.  Regardless, we've routinely stained, depleted, re-stained, sorted and then performed long term cell culture with azide-preserved antibodies without any issue.



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> Hi All,
> I had an interesting discussion for a researcher yesterday and thought 
> I'd ask for a consensus of opinion from this learned forum.
> The researcher insists that he must remove the azide from his 
> commercial antibody preps for sorting applications in order to ensure 
> cell growth.
> The cells in question are mouse wbc's.  He is using a size exclusion 
> column to remove the azide, but has no way of monitoring if or how 
> much of the azide has been removed.  His antibodies are directly 
> conjugated to a variety of fluorophores, none of which are tandem 
> dyes.  My feeling is that this is 'extra' work which will most likely 
> cause more problems than it solves.  The azide (at 0.02% 
> concentration) should be diluted out enough during the staining and 
> washing process as to have a negligible effect.  None of my other 
> researchers have had a problem with cell growth either in culture or 
> in animal transplantation.  And why introduce unknown variables into 
> your experiment such as changes in concentration and P:F ratio - 
> especially if these 'modified'
> antibodies
> are not being used in the day-to-day analysis panels.  Purchase of 
> azi!
> de-free antibodies has been considered and rejected.  What is the 
> general feeling about this situation?  Do  you or any of  your 
> researchers routinely remove azide from their commercial antibodies?
> How do you verify that you have a) removed the azide and b) not harmed 
> your conjugated antibody?
> Thank you-
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