[Cytometry] Aria-II 100um. nozzle stability?

Kruger Gray, Huw HKGray at med.miami.edu
Tue Jan 31 16:41:50 EST 2012

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Greetings from sunny southern Florida,

     We have been experiencing difficulty with stream stability using the 100um. nozzles on both our Aria-II and Aria-IIu, despite much juggling of sheath pressure, etc. However, our trusty old Aria-I sorts using the larger nozzle with little difficulty. Even our tame local service engineers have had similar experiences with us. So, are we alone, or might any of you have some potentially useful suggestions for sorting on an Aria-II with these larger size nozzles? We have not even considered trying the 130um. nozzle...!!!

Many thanks,


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Huw S. ("Zip") Kruger Gray, Ph.D.

Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility,
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Centre,
Miller School of Medicine,
University of Miami,
RMSB. 7167 (office); 3061 (laboratory),
1600, NW. 10th. Ave.
Miami, FL, 33136.
305-243-5019 (office),
305-243-5571 (lab),
305-213-3325 (mobile).

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