[Cytometry] JC-1experiment Jurkat

sri latha srilatha_bio at rediffmail.com
Wed Jan 11 19:15:12 EST 2012

Dear Friends

Iam trying to check mitochondrial membrane potential using JC-1 dye(2.5ug/ml)by FACS FL1 and 
FL2 channel in FC 500.dose dependent Green florescence increase observed nicely. but Red florescence decrease is not much almost same why like that, Is there any technical problem? i know by other methods there is mitochondrial membrane discrepancy.

Treated 2million cells with drug for 1day to induce apoptosis.
washed the cells with PBS,added JC-1 dye 2.5ug/ml final conc incubated for 20-30 mins.
Read in FACS FL1 green and FL2 Red florescence.

why Red florescence not decreasing properly.

Thanks in advance 

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