[Cytometry] Negative populations

Sukhwinder Singh singhs1 at umdnj.edu
Wed Jan 11 13:42:41 EST 2012



We have a BD LSRII running a couple of panels of 6-8 colors.  We experience
a large difference in the negative population for a one or more of the
stains.  Sometimes the negative is around 0-10^1 and other times it varies
from low negative numbers to  -10^2 or smaller.  The main issue is the
variation we see.  The problem we have is how to gate from this population
to view cells that begin to express these stains at very low levels.  From
what I have read on the listserv, this has to do something with digital
compensation, but do others see the wide variations in their data?  What do
you recommend to stop this or at least lessen this?






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