[Cytometry] BD LSRFortessa- Guava easycyte ; Re-suspending from a well plate - cell count experiment

Schmauss,Gerald gerald.schmauss at imp.ac.at
Tue Jan 10 03:28:34 EST 2012

Dear valued Flow Cytometrists,

I would like to ask opinions in comparing cell counting via a BD LSRFortessa HTS setup and a Guava easyCyte 8HT.
A user of our facility stated, that the LSRFortessa, equipped with an HTS, is not accurate enough to perform a certain cell count / comparison of cell number - experiment.

Our control experiments would suggest that the injection part of the machine is sufficiently accurate for any type of cell counting / comparison experiment. But the re-suspension just before the injection is not.

For checking this, we set up a 96 well plate with the same amount of objects in each well.
Depending on the types of objects (different cells, beads) analyzed we got count curves which were almost horizontal and very smooth, to sharply declining curves the further the analysis progressed, to curves with spiking wells.

The question at hand is, how does the guava re-suspension system compare to the one employed by the BD HTS?
Is it able to re-suspend even the most sticky cells?
A search on the purdue list and on the internet did not yield much information.

If someone could share her/his experiences and answer this short list of questions, it would be much appreciated.

What is your experience with carryover when using the paddle mixer?
How does the Guava easyCyte 8HT fare in cell count experiments in general?

Greetings from Vienna,

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