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Here is a paper we did recently with RNAlater that describes the condition of cells once in the reagent.  Some cells were pretty fragile and RNA recovery was finally working when we sorted directly into this reagent.  I know it isn't trizol but they might want to compare both.   This paper does not describe trizol but the facility had done that in the past--only small quantities in eppendorfs, however.
Use of RNAlater in fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) reduces the fluorescence from GFP but not from DsRed.  Ismail Zaitoun, Christopher S. Erickson, Kathy Schell, and Miles L. Epstein.  BMC Research Notes 2010, 3:328
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> Dear flowers, happy new year.
> I just wondered how many core labs will sort cells directly into TriZol (which is mostly phenol). I know there are alternatives for RNA extractions but I have some customers who insist its the best for their experiments. I know some labs ban it, if you read the safety data sheet its horrifying and in any other situation it would be handled in a fume hood. You often get a whiff of it when you open tubes, but I have never tried to measure the ppm so have no idea if its above or below the safe level.
> What do you do?
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