[Cytometry] Cytometric bead array analysis

Helen Barnby-Porritt hporritt at proimmune.com
Fri Nov 25 10:08:45 EST 2011

Dear Flowers,


I am planning to start some work utilizing the BD CBA kits and have been
reading up about their FCAP array software.


We utilize both FACSCaliburs (MAC based) and FACSCantos (PC based).  The
FCAP software is available for both and I am trying to decide which
platform to purchase for.  However, from what I can gather, reading
about the FCAP software, this is only required for the data analysis so
it doesn't matter what computer system the software was generated on.
Am I correct?


Also, can anyone with experience of these kits let me know if there is
any alternate software we can use for analysis?  For example, can we use
Flow Jo, which we already have licences for?


Finally, can anyone tell me if the serum/culture supernatant samples
need to be fresh from culture, or can they be frozen prior to CBA
analysis?  If they can be frozen, are any cytokines particularly
susceptible to freezing?


I would appreciate any feedback from the community.


Best wishes


Helen Barnby-Porritt


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