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Just makes me wonder for how long you were wearing diapers for ;-). 

On the Partec website it states 1976 (http://www.partec.com/cms/upload/Valet.pdf) so before the 78 Elmau meeting. So yes well spotted

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Hi all,

my attention was recently drawn to the Wikipedia entry on Flow cytometry.  I think it would be great if the community -- particularly the "elders" in the community -- would take a look and make some substantial revisions and additions.  The existing article is ... well... let me just be generous by saying it presents history from one point of view.  

I think a more balanced, and accurate, history would be useful!  (And apparently it was written by someone with a short memory -- for example, the article says the term "flow cytometry" was adopted in 1988... and yet, I can remember being taught that term well before that!  I'm pretty sure it was adopted when I was still in diapers -- which, incidentally, excludes me from belonging to the "elders" category!).

Perhaps the ISAC educational committee could take on this project?


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